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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Bob Scott "Keep Calm and Carry On (Remember Who is in Charge), 11/25/2018

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Posted 3 months ago by Anonymous
I think, the decision in the courts should be made on the rules of Christianity to keep the ambience of the world good and peaceful. In this era, it has become very difficult to stop the terrorism and many other and catastrophic activities from the society so courts should make decisions truly according to the God’s rules to stop such things.
Posted 2 months ago by Anonymous
Thanks for explaining this in such beautiful style. I have listened many sermons on this issue but beauty which I have discovered in This sermon is beyond imaginations. Open site to get info as the logical reasonings and beautiful examples which are present on this sermon have mesmerized me.
Posted 2 months ago by Anonymous
I am glad to read the information you shared on this page. aybabag
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