Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church
Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Loved by God, Loving Others

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Posted 8 months ago by Anonymous
I have a solid faith on the Bible just like any other Christian do. But I totally disagree with false interpretations of our religious persons. Bible is great and it needs to be followed.
Posted 7 months ago by Anonymous
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Posted 7 months ago by Anonymous
I assume, parents of these faith who do now not agree with at the God must listen this sermon to realize the presence of the God. Read some great ideas in article and by listening it they will be able to recognize that Christianity is proper and we should come to enroll in this religion.
Posted 6 months ago by Chris889
That is the very reason why we need to love others because it is evident that God's love is present in our lives. | click here
Posted 5 months ago by Chris889
That is one of the commandments of the Lord. Love your neighbors as you love yourself. greenville concrete
Posted 3 months ago by Anonymous
Thank you for sharing the word of god. God bless. | lancaster wedding photo booth
Posted 2 months ago by Buyinstsgramfollowersaustralia
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