Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church
Thursday, August 13, 2020
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We have a great downtown location that may be a perfect venue for your upcoming event. 
Our Facility Map may help you identify rooms for your event. 
Please complete the following form to see if we are able to accommodate your group.  Fees may apply to your group's use of the building.  There are a separate set of prices and guidelines regarding weddings and memorial services. All requests must be reviewed and approved by the Property Committee.  We will make every effort to reply to your request as quickly as possible.

Name of Event or Activity:
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 Roebling Hall
 Kitchen (extra fees may apply)
 Choir Room
 Classroom Space
 Peace Café
 Session Room
 Memorial Garden

Will the event have food catered:   No    Yes
Will you be charging admittance to activity/event:  No    Yes

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